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Support like-minded businesses

Did you know that we have started another website to support the Elevate Community?

As we work on developing our communities, we are also working on an e-commerce site, designed to support all of our Elevate Community members. The more we support our like-minded community and businesses, the stronger we become.

Elevate Local will bring together like-minded businesses, onto an e-commerce platform that will serve the general public. Elevate Community members will receive special discounts and packages! We have created Elevate Local to further support our community members.

Existing like-minded businesses can become vendors right away. When we launch, we ask our community members to do their best to support these businesses. The more we can purchase our goods from each other, the less dependent on other supply chains that we are.

One of the main offerings will be local food. There have been so many connections various groups and local farmers. Elevate Local gives us a framework for connecting those farms with our people. We are creating our own system of exchange, its up to all of us to support and use it.

Elevate Local was built with new business ventures in mind. If we can grow a large network of customers, we can help new businesses feel more comfortable starting out. Advertising costs will remain low, and knowing you already have a network of customers that will support you as best as they can, makes it a lower risk venture! Plus, we are working on a business incubation arm of Elevate Community, to help members like you, to start meaningful businesses to serve our community.

We are starting out small, and ready to launch in a few weeks. But we know this will have a snowball effect! The more we support the businesses that start, the more businesses we will attract.

If you have an existing business or a business idea in mind that you've been contemplating, get in touch and see what Elevate Local is all about.

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