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About Elevate Community

We are so glad to see you here. On this page, you will learn about our three key areas of focus:

  • Community Development

  • Business Incubation, 

  • Financial Solutions

As we gain resources and contributions, we will prioritize our projects based on each community's needs. 

Community Development

Communities are more than just a word or phrase, they’re real and bring people closer together by connecting us to each other.   At Elevate Community we bring communities and organizations together and there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  We focus on strengthening communities by providing Social Events and Activities and by connecting and facilitating the building of businesses that support our 6 Pillars that create a resilient community:

  • Business

  • Education

  • Food & Farming

  • Health & Wellness

  • Social Events & Programs

  • Preparedness

And with this we bring our community development programs to support the growth needed to become independent and resilient. 

Community Garden

Business Incubation

Our vision is to grow the local business sector to support, its locality is key to thriving communities. We’re committed to developing systems that support the local development of small and medium-sized businesses that offer products and services to our communities.  A key component of this is our business network Elevate Local, specifically designed to support new businesses and provide customer and business connections.

What is Business Incubation?

In short, Elevate Community strives to find solutions in all our segments including Education, Social events and programs, Food and Farming, Health and Wellness, Preparedness, and, of course, Business. Where these solutions do not exist, we’ll identify key professionals and stakeholders, to help plan and execute the development of these required services.   

Business Owner

Financial Solutions

Building Community is great and so is great connections but in times like these it’s also important to strengthen each family and each business.  At Elevate Community, our vision is to bring financial solutions to your doorstep to help you.  We’ll concentrate on Financial products and services that will help you most while also building community.

Financial Consultation

What is the goal?

Our goals are to make each family, individual, and business financially resilient and stronger.

Where will we do this?

As we develop we’ll begin to bring these opportunities to you at your local community meetings as well as at the Marketplaces and on Elevate Local.

When are we going to do this?

We’ve started already with the launch of our community development program.  The financial component will be integrated into the system as time progresses.  We are working on this right now!

How are we going to do this?

As we develop, our plan is to begin offering information on:

  • Financial Education

  • Gold/Silver

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Financial Education


By combining with the community development and business incubation program we see an opportunity for

the development of:

  • Alternative mortgage arrangements (MIC)

  • Real Estate Investment Trust



Private investing to support community development and the development of:

  • Investment Funds

  • Charities

  • Credit unions


All of these will be used to make our community stronger.


By investing in each other, we not only build our communities, but we also ensure our profits go back into our community member's pockets.

Have a business idea? Send us some of your ideas.

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