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Our interactive network of people and local businesses across communities provides a much-needed connection.

We support opportunities in the following areas:
  • Business
  • Community and Social
  • Education
  • Food and Farming
  • Health and wellness
  • Preparedness
  • Financial Services

Community sectors 
that we support.       

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We will create cooperative cost synergies, leveraging those in our network to help your business grow. 


Promote your product across the Elevate Community customer base, in exchange for discounts and preferred access to contributors.


Incubation support can help develop or improve a business solution that will support the contributor community network. Employment, franchise and income opportunities will emerge from Elevate Community projects and be posted to the Elevate online network. Watch for our business case, intake and assessment process tools.


Community & Social

Creating ways to engage with our fellow Elevate Community members.


At the forefront are our community meetings which keep people informed (often featuring guest speakers), hear from our contributors and share ideas.


Check out our calendar for social gatherings, events, activities so we can connect, and enjoy healthy interaction and group activities.     



Alternative and additional education options include, but are not limited, to:








All intended to help you develop, or transition toward fulfilling career opportunities.

  • Separate schools

  • Learning pods

  • Youth programs
    (trades & camps)

  • Adult education
    (leadership, sales, skills, etc.)

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Food & Farming

We are leveraging our connections, contributor network and combined volume to provide a range of products through Elevate Community’s online platform.


Food products will include a variety of packaged, yet healthy food options.  Direct Farm to Table products like meats, produce, and fillers, often at preferred access with discounted pricing, where possible.

Sectors - Health and Wellness- Tiny JPEG.png

Health &

Many professionals have coordinated to provide services and perspectives within their domain of expertise.


Our Elevate Health and wellness community will help you to identify and connect with traditional and holistic resources near you, with preferred access and cost.

Sectors - Preparedness - Tiny JPEG.png


To be prepared for any possible scenarios, it's always a good idea to have 3 - 6 weeks of what you'll need to be fully self-sustainable. Basics like non-perishable foods, water, toiletries, cash and even fuel are not a bad idea to have on hand.


Preparedness is more than a trend.  It’s an art and it’s a way of life.   And more important than that, it’s fun!

Help Us … Help You ... Help Each Other!

Together we will build a large network of families and businesses that are 

financially stable, independent, and helping each other exist.  

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