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Elevate Community
Major Roadmap 

Elevate Community Roadmap

The corporate structure for elevate provides an expanding roadmap for the development of the support structure needed for Elevate Community to develop to it's fullest.  As Elevate Community develops it will delegate responsibilities to the roles above.  

The Roadmap is a key part of Elevate Community.  Elevate Community has first needed to develop basic assets like websites to provide the support framework need to grow the community program.  Since 2023, the Elevate Community website has been designed and improved.  It now has a business directory and events page both of which are designed to provide usability to members, businesses, community organizations, and not for profits.

The Roadmap focuses on 6 major objectives. 


The first is the development of the community website to support community development.  The site will showcase events and provide a means for community members to gain value. 

Roadmap Elevate Community Development Plan - Tiny JPEG.png

The second is the development of a business solution that integrates Canadian business into the platform and provides a means for businesses to easily launch and for people to easily launch businesses. 

The third solution will be to develop a staffing solution for all businesses and members to connect and employ local Canadians.  We need competition for companies that outsource to other nations.

The Fourth is the Finance solutions.  With this solution we aim to provide the community with a means to finance local initiatives while providing a return to them.  It's a win-win solution that will keep investment in Canada and grow local economies.

The fifth and sixth solution are continuous solutions that need to be developed and are meant to support local communities and provide events for networking and socializing.  

Elevate Community
Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Elevate Community wants to bring the benefits of community building and networking to its members.  This means that as we grow we can provide access to services providers and help provide access to services directly when it's possible.  By connecting businesses together, Elevate Community can provide a business network that gives discounts to its members and access to specialized deals. 

Member Benefits

As we grow and build our network we plan to offer discounts for services that our member businesses offer, access to events, access to conferences, and so much more.


As we develop further we'll be able to help business advertise, employees become business owners, connect with Investment Funds, Credit Unions, Insurance Companies, and Mortgage Providers all in an effort to help stabilize families and individuals financial futures and to build and make Canada and Canadian Families strong.

Elevate Community
Corporate Structure

Elevate Community has several organizational structures to help it grow.  A typical hierarchical business structure is employed with a combination of functional role based structures, market based structures, and geographical structures.  Each are needed to idenifity the different functions needed in the NFP, the different markets due to the wide scope of the project(s), and the need to span communities and help leaders in communities across Canada.

Elevate Community's Functional Structure

Elevate Community provides three structures to support its organizational development.  The first structure is the functional structure.  In this structure Elevate Community provides overall support to the functions that are needed to effectively run a large Not-for-profit which is Elevate Communities goal.  Elevate Community endeavors to bring solutions to all communities in Canada that will help Canada grow and stabilize such that local families and businesses are supported.

Elevate Community's Market Structure

The Market based organizational structure will also be provided under the community development leaders to support the growth that is needed in the market structures which Elevate Community endeavors to make the largest impact in.  

Finance and Business are specifically important because they provide the means for Elevate Community to help communities gain financing for projects and to help people launch businesses.  Our aim is to develop resilience and independence for communities and families (localization) as the world globalizes.  We view this as a complimentary effort that brings stabilization to regions.

Elevate Community's Geographical Structure

Elevate Community also applies a regional and geographic structure to its development and development plan.  Local regions will need development leaders and so Elevate Community has created a hierarchy that integrates with the functional and market based organizational structures.  The geographical based organizational structure applies to the lower rungs of the organizational structure


Similar structures apply to the different provinces and to the provinces themselves.  Separate representatives will be responsible for their regions.

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