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Help us create positive change.

In addition to immediate membership, your contribution to Elevate Community provides access to all forums, tools, event calendars, and resources available. Donations in the form of Personal & Business subscriptions directly support the time and resources needed to create Elevate Communities.

First step:  Make an account.

Second step: Contribute what you can.


    Every month
    For individuals who want to connect with people & businesses
    • Find people with similar interests
    • Locate community events & activities
    • Plan automatically renews every month until cancelled

    Every year
    For individuals who want to connect with people & businesses
    • Find people with similar interests
    • Locate community events & activities
    • Plan automatically renews every year until cancelled

Auto-renewal disclaimer:  Please be aware that certain subscription plans offered by Elevate Community are set to auto-renew until cancelled by the member.  You can cancel a membership at any time.  To do this, navigate to the My Subscriptions page by clicking on this link and select Cancel Subscription. 


If you have any trouble doing this, Contact Us by clicking here.

Pricing Disclaimer:  Prices are subject to change.  Prices will not change during an active subscription but may be updated on this page for new subscribers at any time.

Empowering Professionals to Grow Our Offering

Your contributions will directly empower and facilitate our growing professional team so they can support projects, solutions, services and duties that focus on your needs. All proceeds go to time, effort, infrastructure, specific tools and resources. Also includes leadership, facilitation roles, and professional skills needed for activities. Incorporating consignment expertise that you can leverage to grow your family business.

Your contributions go directly and only to the people and resources needed to develop and operate Elevate Community.   We welcome contributions of any size!
The higher the gift, the more we can accomplish.   Every little bit helps. 

Everyone who contributes, benefits.

All community members will have access to the same benefits. Below are examples of the activities we are planning. The development time is directly related to the contributions we receive to fund the projects.  


Here are examples of what your donation may help to support.

  • Develop local communities

  • Social events & calendar

  • Email communications

  • Ability to connect with individuals and businesses

  • Regular newsletters

  • Secure social networking platform

  • Social & business network

  • Various ways to get involved

  • Launch community meetings

  • Group buying opportunities

  • Education discounts

  • Business discounts

  • Social programs and events

  • Business network 

  • Customer network

  • Conferences

  • Credit union

  • Investment fund

  • Mortgage investment companies

Not ready to make a monthly contribution yet?

Everyone is welcome at Elevate Community and everyone has a way they can contribute - financially, giving time, or with your knowledge or contacts. Please get in touch to let us know that you would like to join. 

Would rather pay in cash?  No problem, please
send us a message to let us know.  Once received, we will provide you with access to our Members Only area of the website.
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