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A Collaborative Vision

We are a new group of leaders creating and applying a collective and collaborative vision. Using structured framework, professionals and leaders, to run from within our community of contributors.

All who join Elevate Community are a welcomed part of the cooperative network and asked to participate, promote or share their services & expertise when able with the people in our communities.
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What makes Elevate Community different?

Elevate Community aims to create, support and leverage a vast network of communities in Ontario and across the country. Together we will build a significant, self-sustainable socioeconomic influence in our country where quality education, local businesses and quality of life thrive.

Successful practices are shared collaboratively within and across our communities to create more services, partnerships and employment opportunities that we can all benefit from.  

A little about us.

1. Our Mission

To create sustainable socioeconomic independence for families, communities and businesses.

2. Our Vision

Elevate Community endeavors to bring forth systems that support individual and community independence, by developing community groups and leaders in your area who are focused on creating the connections you need.  Individuals can work together with community leaders to support healthcare, food services, farming, education, social programs, local businesses and economic systems that are critical to our collective well-being.  Individual autonomy is at the center of our values.

3. Our Values

Love and service to others are the cornerstones of Elevate Community’s values. We foster an environment that respects individual and community independence, develops community leaders dedicated to community growth and sustainability. Healthcare, Food and Farming, Education, Social Programs, Business, and Economic Systems are created and sustained in a manner that puts individual choice and preference at the forefront, with sustainability, fair exchange and social awareness.

4. Our Impact

By working together, we are creating employment opportunities that cultivate independence through creating financial security, a healthier collaborative environment, a balanced life with friends and family, with the ability to control and navigate our own futures.

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Fair Exchange.

Elevate Community recognizes that communities depend on a mindset and practices that acknowledge the need for fair exchanges to keep the network available and healthy.


By working collaboratively and cooperatively, we can all prosper.

Become a member today to access our ever-growing business community.

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Business Development & Promotion

This is a powerful use of our collective network, applied by professionals to help your business opportunities develop and grow.

Help us help you by connecting you with experience, investors, resources, services and the tools needed to get you moving.

You can also promote and offer your business or services on our searchable marketplace with a business membership.

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The final benefits of resources remains exactly where they began, in the local communities that nurtured them.


Business incubation.

Opportunities requiring more resources or investment can generate funding, and in turn, rely confidently on the Elevate contributor base to adopt and use the solution, making the investment lower risk to undertake.

Collaborative Building

Community building relies on multiple perspectives, sharing resources, and working in a collaborative fashion toward a concerted or specific goal.  Elevate Community works with Leaders to organize their local communities into versatile Sectors (Social, Education, Economics, Spiritual, Health, Food, Legal, Political and Community). 

Each Community Leader, Sector Leader, and Facilitator receive compensation in exchange for dedicated time and commitment to working with local community contributors and volunteers with their community-focused initiatives.


We share existing and new solutions across communities through the Elevate Community collaborative leadership network. (Share the load, mitigate obstacles, speed to completion).

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