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At Elevate Local, we're on a mission to empower Canadian businesses, promote economic independence, and foster strong local communities. 

We believe in the value of Canadian-owned products and services, and the importance of quality, non-discriminatory, and professional offerings.

We are committed to creating a parallel system that connects communities together, supporting local job creation and business growth. 

Join us in supporting our local economy, connecting with like-minded vendors, and creating economic stability and independence for all. Together, we can make a positive impact and build a brighter future.

Shop Local!

Shopping on Elevate Local will help you to find and support local Canadian businesses.

Supporting Local businesses is good for the local community and economy, by supporting Canadian Business Owners and workers.

Elevate Community Members may be eligible for special offers and discounts!

Sell Local!

Elevate is committed to promoting local businesses to encourage economic development, growth and stability within local communities. 

As a part of the Elevate Local platform businesses have the benefit of marketing efforts and established networks of potential customers.

The Elevate community and network are here to support you and your business, giving you support and guidance to help your business succeed.

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