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We need change.

  • Fair, cooperative exchange

  • Business development

  • Social connections

  • and more...

It’s time to ELEVATE our communities.


We are a non-profit membership-based network, focused on serving communities, supporting families and local businesses through:

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Everyone contributes.

Everyone benefits.

That’s the cooperative spirit!

Connecting People to Communities.

Collectively, we are developing networks between

local business and people:

  • Health and wellness solutions

  • Local farm food sourcing

  • Professional support

  • Spiritual connections

  • Social and community networks

  • Business and employment opportunities

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evening party.jpg

Contributing has perks. 

When you contribute, you become part of the ELEVATE Community and network. Please get involved in our committees, groups and forums to help shape the future of the cooperative.


As an ELEVATE contributor, you also gain access to the following:


  • Social events and calendar

  • Secure social networking platform

  • Business directory to support our own

  • Regular newsletters to keep you informed

  • Local community meetings

  • Group buying opportunities

  • Various ways to engage with our community

working together.jpg

Together, we are developing opportunities and solutions that foster:


  • Independence

  • Employment

  • Financial security

  • Collaborative business practices

  • Balanced lifestyle

  • More control over our futures

  • Strong community connections

You are an integral piece of the puzzle.  

Together, we are forming communities that thrive through collaboration,
making life more fun, fulfilling, and affordable.

Our community members are the pieces of the
each bringing their own unique:

Healthy communities form as each piece of the puzzle joins forces.
Puzzle Pic_homepage_talents.png

Elevate all aspects of your life.

Your Elevate Community contributions go directly to people’s time, resources, and
the infrastructure necessary to build and deliver community projects and solutions.
You are empowering our leaders to affect change. 


There are many ways you can support our community. 

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