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Join the Global Walkout on May 20th - the Saturday of the long weekend.

They are in Toronto, Brandfort, Barry, Bayfield, Penetang, Ottawa, and Keene.

They are being held at 167 locations globally.


The Toronto launch of Elevate Community got kick-started with a small event at the Right Wing Sports Pub on Yonge Street on Sunday, April 16th. The event was open to members and prospective members and they got to hear about who we are and why we think it is important to connect our communities, not only in Toronto, but across Ontario and Canada.

Stephen Graham spoke about Elevate Community and why it is important for us to grow larger and stronger together with a focus on social events and as well as growing our financial, education, healthcare and farming sectors through business incubation and an expanding option of platforms. Amir Kendic introduced Elevate Local which is an e-commerce platform to promote like-minded businesses to our community.

The event was well received by guests, and three special guests who are running for Mayor in the Toronto Mayoral election in June 2023.…

Elevate Agenda_April 16
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Welcome Toronto Members! Let's start building out regular communications, meetings and events.


Welcome Toronto Members! Let's start building out regular co...
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